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Q. Please introduce yourself 

My name is Vinh. Bboy Name is Vinhflow. I was born on 31st of December 1988 in Vung Tau Vietnam. All my family moved to Sydney in 2004. So I have been living here since then. 


Q. What do you do for a living?

I drive a forklift for a warehouse. I got the license 4years ago. Took a 2-days driving test and a 1-day for paper test. It was worth getting the license. Haha


Q. When did you start breaking? And how did you get into it? 

I think I started breaking in 2007. When I was studying English, I saw some guy doing tricks, I didn’t know it was breaking. And you know what? The guy I saw was Bboy Jack Danielsz (Trickatrons). And next year, when I went into a high school, it was Jack’s school too. So we went to same school. 

One time when I was playing basketball, I got into a fight with some guys! I asked the group to play basketball together but they kept saying “no”, so I kept chucking the ball to them inside the court and it was becoming a big fight! And somehow JackDanielz and his friends saw the fight and they came to me and talked to me, then we were becoming friends slowly. And I started breaking with him. So Jack is my first teacher. Maybe.. haha

After a year since then, this guy called Jimmy brought me to Parramatta PCYC and I met Lowe and Luke (Luke Skywalker). When I saw them, they were doing crazy power moves, crazy hand hops, I was just like “Wow” then I started training there with Jimmy and also Leo Chan (Trickatrons). I still remember that Leo came to me to teach swipes into hand stan. 


And after that, slowly started going to Bankstown PCYC to train there for about a couple years. 6 or 7 years ago, people in Bankstown asked me to join some battle, they were Hybrid Formz. Since then and til now, I am in Hybrid formz. I also start my own crew “Flip Formz” I am looking for bboys for joining my crew, I want to build at this moment. 


Q. Please tell us your breaking style.

I started breaking with power moves and 5years after, I slowly got down into little bit of transitions, footworks and toprocks. I think my main style right now is “transitions style”. I just wanna make different transitions: using kind of flip moves and forms, That’s why I call my crew “Flip Formz”.


Q. How do you think about AUS breaking scene?

I just went to Japan for Found Nation Crew Anniversary. I know it was not whole Japanese bboys there, but Sydney bboys need to double train to get their levels. Sydney doesn’t have much bboys, that’s why… but we are not really into it.. We cannot say “we do what we love” now. If we do what you love, you need to sacrifice yourself. For myself too, Sydney bboys need more practice like a lot more….


Q. How was your first trip of Japan?

It was amazing man, I probably will come back next year! Battle, shopping whatever they have.. next time I want to go to Mt. Fuji and bring back some sneakers. It was amazing! Especially I liked they have vending machines everywhere, hot coffee, hot teas,,, was beautiful! 
Ok, let’s talk about the jam. I didn’t stay whole jam there, because I wanted to explore more in Tokyo,,, haha As I saw the jam, the bboy level was double, triple higher than here. A lot of bboys were crazy, My favorite bboy was this guy like 50 or 60 years old, he did prelims cypher and I thought oh this guy doesn’t give a shit man. He still wants to get down, have fun and he tried his best as he can. That’s what we need an that’s what I need! He is my favorite! Also one of ladies, she was old. When she walked in, I thought she was a cleaner… But she put her backpack down and she changed her outfit and she became a bgirl. And I was like “Oh Shit!” So this two people are my favorite in Japan. 


Q. Why do you love breaking? What is your inspiration? 

Breaking teaches me my life style, teaches me how to speak English, When I dropped off high school at year 10, I couldn’t speak English much, but now I am better because of breaking, bboying actually teaches me a lot, like how to live, it has made my vision wide, make me to dress fresh… 

My inspiration,,,, I stopped watching new footages like 2012, 2015 like new footage. Because they don’t inspire me nothing anymore. The most of footage I watch is from around year 2000. Even Redbull BC ONE, I only know the result. I don't watch the battles. So I just keep doing own thing, keep recording and watching myself. Find something special from there and go to training to make shit happen. I also learn from new breakers, they give me some inspire for new moves, tricks because new breakers are not completed, I find some hints from them.


Q. What do you do beside of dancing?

I love collecting Vintage clothing. Especially Nike shoes, Hats, that’s why I sell vintage clothing for dancers as well.


Q. Tell us about your “Vinhtage Clothing”

I started it two years ago 12thof June (2017). I sell vintage clothes from Instagram, at events like Destructive steps, Ryugi etc… People also buy from online a lot this year. Not from Sometime I get orders from UK, USA and Italy.. I never get tired doing this because I love it. Haha 


Q. Please tell us your next goal. 

I think it never happen… I just wanna make a lot of money and open my vintage shop, coffee shop, training spots for all bboys and bgirls. It’s too hard but.. I just wanna make our Sydney to have more fun. 

For battles? I don’t train for battles. I train for myself. I just wanna be a best of myself. That’s it.


Q. Which battle is your favorite battle?

Hmmmm. My favorite battle?? I think it was Destructive steps 9. We battled against some Chinese guys and Tepo got a cramp. I thought he was just joking around but it was serious one.. Then I jumped out like a hero and I did freestyle. but Tepo came back after and did two straight rounds. That’s how we do man. That’s real bboy yo. That’s my favorite battle. 


Q. Message to new gen bboys bgirls

I just wanna say “whatever you love, you gotta do it”. Never give up. Do your own things. If you need any help, old gen bboys are here for you, I think I am not old enough….lol but we can help as much as we can! Lastly special thanks to Hideboo & RYUGI team for organizing jams, brought me to Japan, yeah “SUGOI!!” and Knoxy too! Haha Big shout out to Knoxy! Game over man!! Haha 

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