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‘Ryugi’ is an event started by two bboys – a Japanese and an Australian living in Sydney - to enliven the Australian breakdance scene.

The word ‘ryugi’ comes from the Japanese word meaning ‘style’ or ‘one’s own way.’ Traditionally in Japan, craftsmen perfect their techniques, dedicate themselves to their work and create their works of art. Each person’s style differs, and this individuality is what gives value to each artwork. This concept is also applicable to the world of breakdance. The organisers hope that each dancer will treasure their originality and find value in their unique dance.

Logo concept: Due to the use of Japanese in the name, the iconic image of the rough wave in the famous Japanese painting comes to mind. Since no two waves are the same, the logo symbolises the combined meaning of ‘being the only one’ and the essence of ‘ryugi’ (originality).


Ryugi Wear was developed in order to deepen the relationship between Ryugi, the dance scene and street culture in a variety of fields, not just in battle events.

By supporting dancers and artists in different ways, the organisers aim to expand the Australian street culture

Logo concept: This logo was created with a modern, sporty image which gives off more of an ‘urban’ or ‘street’ feel than the Ryugi Battle logo. It represents the crews’ will and solidarity to energise the dance scene together with everyone.


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